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Measurecamp Helsinki 2023

I am continuing my journey to visit all the Measure Camps in Europe. I wanted to explore Helsinki before.

I missed Amsterdam again, flights and accommodation there are too expensive.
This year I would still like to make it to MeasuremCamp Paris / Munich, Prague, Bratislava, Vienna.
If they appear, I will be happy to travel to other cities as well.


  • Attend lectures by lesser-known people / discover other people to follow long-term.
    Meeting people I only knew online and through video calls.
    Get to know another capital city in Europe.

Dataform 101

Introducing the Dataform tool integrated into the Google cloud , which simplifies airflow.
If people would like a simple implementation of ETL on top of GA4, then it can be used.
It can then be copied etc. and change only the client ID, so you can easily scale reporting.

Optimizing bulk GTM QOL updates – Daan Groen

He presented how they audit and update GTMko across the board. That is, they write an identifier in the notes in GTM and then make updates across the board through an awful lot of GTM containers. They check if the given container needs an update, if there is anything critical there.
Quite interesting for me, I rather liked the view of both versioning and working with a lot of clients. Hard to use for me, but having an agency that does 100 e-shops on Shoptet would be great.

Server-side session managment for GA4 – David Hemmerle

Visit management by GTM Server. Issue where session_id is not transferred between mobile app and web or between domains. An example could be that you have a lead page on another domain and you want to continue the session on the main domain as well, this will normally create a new visit and thus break the attribution. David solved it similarly to Roman Appeltauer via the FireStore database (a super fast database), he even made a template for it in the GTM server.

Marketing vs Product Analytics – Adam Greco (Amplitude)

A little hate on communication between marketing and product. And overall, as the market moves to product analytics, there are still people who deal only with incoming traffic or just the product.
Again, we end with the fact that it would be better if the people from the teams had more fun with each other.
I do a lot of product analytics, so I quite enjoyed the sight of the Czech team (5 people 🙂 ) from Publicis Groupe, mostly people who sell and buy traffic.
Btw, there were a total of 9 Czechs at the measurecamp :).

Dále jsem byl na:

Travel and city tour of Helsinki

You wanted to make me happy and I flew there already on Wednesday for 5 days. Departure at 7 in the evening after work, 2 hours. flight. I was actually at the Hotel before midnight. I immediately experienced the real Finland, fog, rain, winter 🙂 . Otherwise, the people he met in Finland were cool, nice, smiling and a little paler.

What I didn’t even expect, I also experienced a day of nice weather when the sun was shining, which didn’t happen in Helsinki for a few weeks, and this weather lasted for exactly half a day.

The town is nice but a bit empty. (Population density 2.5 times smaller than Prague). Over lunch, you can smell fresh fish everywhere. It reminded me a lot of Brno except for the sea, only a lot cleaner 😉 . Air tickets were quite cheap, housing could be found at a reasonable price. Only the food and overall services are quite expensive, in general I would guess 2-5x the price in Prague, depending on the product.

I really liked the “Oodi Helsinki Central Library” near the main station. You can also walk through it, it contains everything from a restaurant, a cinema, a place to play chess with strangers and things like 3D printing for everyone, lots of plotters, places to solder electronics, play games in VR, play musical instruments, create all kinds of all different materials, from fabrics to wood etc. . An ideal place for all creatives, everything available for every visitor. And in the last upper part you need the library itself, which is beautiful and has lots of places to sit. A lot of people are walking around, resting and reading contentedly.

And for example, two days later 🙂 .

When I left, it was already snowing heavily again and the temperatures were supposed to drop to -20℃.


Great event, I met a lot of people. The atmosphere was great. Helsinki is a nice city. Again, on my way abroad, I found out how simple, cheap and quality life is here in Prague.

PS: I will add slides from the lectures when they are available.