🧔 About me

Who I am?

Specialist. Web analyst with a main focus on Google analytics and Google tag manager. Technically, I can build everything that GA + GTM can do manually via javascript and a database.

Developer. I experiment and try a lot, so on my blog you will see things like my own encrypted end-point analytics, optimized self-hosted GTM and other tricks. I enjoy inventing and building new things.

I’m connecting. From the point of view of analysts in companies, I work all the way, from the design of measurements through collection to the final evaluation, the creation of automatic reporting and learning analytics from programmers to business people.

I help people. I have been helping the Czech community with web analytics on Facebook for over 4 years. I regularly give lectures at the Czech MeasureCamp and I also travel abroad. And overall, I go to a events.

Overlaps with other fields

Historically, I did full service online marketing, so I tried everything, I wasn’t afraid to get my hands dirty. I also did a lot of technical SEO and very extensive keyword analysis (1M phrases x 60 columns of data).

To this day, I very actively monitor PCC, UX and overall online marketing. Thanks to a lot of dedication to reading news and learning, I often have a greater overview of fields for specialists who are just crushing work.

I can program well in Javascript, R, Python and at least a dozen other programming and other languages. In recent years, I have also enjoyed machine learning.


I passed 500+ Google analytics, 100+ e-shops, lots of different special websites, 20+ startups and several large corporations with tens of millions of visits. The websites I built my analytics won Crystal Magnifiers, Phoenix for content and other awards.
I learn practically 10 years of taste in analytics and online marketing every day and I still enjoy it. By regularly helping the community, I solved hundreds of tricky problems, which gave me a lot of practical experience and knowledge. You can find a summary on Linkedin.

What do I enjoy besides analytics?

I walk a lot for long walks. I really enjoy listening to podcasts and audiobooks. I read books before going to bed, I like Pratchetta elsewhere, I like quality sci-fi, I have over a thousand books loaded. I like to cook and I try repeatedly to bring the food to perfection. Lately I’ve been doing sous vide videos , I can also bake very good completely homemade pizza , bake bread and hundreds of other recipes. I love Italian cuisine and Asia . They drink tea. I tune sleep to perfection. I used to play Wowko, there was a Guild master PVE guild with 250 members and I also gave the first server to the killy bosses. I’ve been enjoying virtual reality lately. I live my happy life in Prague, where I really like it, while trying to get out of my comfort zone.

How do I work?

I’m a freelancer, so I have some big regular clients. I help them mainly in full service web analytics and training. I also consult with internal UX teams and help develop PPC specialists. Mostly I have work divided into in-house at the client’s and from home, lately due to the situation I have been working completely remotely. I am expensive and good. I won’t be a manager or I don’t want to be, I don’t have a personal flow in it.