Web analytics

Where to find the latest information on web analytics (GA4)

I already posted this under social media, but I think I should put it here permanently as well. So that it’s there for site visitors as well.

GA4 documentation:

Dev documentation:
Marketing documentation:

YouTube with web analytics:

AnalyticsMania: + web

Advanced stuff on Youtube:

There are more advanced channels from GA4 , like

Other YT channels by Julian Jackson (and he has podcasts too)


For the latest on GA4… I definitely recommend following Charles Farina on Twitter too! (King of GA4)
There is currently no better place to follow GA4 news. So practically a must, for all the non-returners.

The same goes for Krista Seiden, who was involved in the development of GA4.

Brian Stark, product owner GA4 360

Simo Ahava, if you want to use GTM. (King of GTM)

Julius Fedorovicius (analytics mania)

David Vallejo, for technical stuff around measurement.

Then there are podcasts.

+ web:


Measure pod
Life After Gdpr
The Measurement Minute by Gary Angel
The Analytics Power Hour


The GA4 certification (exam + a bit of material to learn) is pretty easy.

And then there is a super heavy community version by Charles Farina